2015 ACS NSQIP National Conference
July 25-28, 2015 • Chicago, IL • The Hilton Chicago
Keynote Speaker 2015

Marcus Engel

Marcus Engel is a professional speaker and best-selling author whose messages provide insight and strategies for excellent patient care. His keynote presentation, “The Other End of the Stethoscope” has been witnessed by tens of thousands of health care professionals and his books are used in scores of nursing schools to teach the basic foundations of caregiving.

As a college freshman, Marcus Engel was blinded and nearly killed after being struck by a drunk driver. Through two years of rehab, over 300 hours of reconstructive facial surgery and adaptation through a multitude of life changes, Marcus witnessed the good, the bad and the profound in patient care.

He has authored four books and is at work on a fifth, “Narrative Nursing” designed to help lead nurses into using proven techniques and therapeutic resources for dealing with the effects of compassion fatigue and avoiding burnout. In 2010, “The Drop” a short film based on Marcus’ memoir was released and can be viewed for free at www.TheDropMovie.com.

Marcus is the co-founder of the I’m Here Movement, a 501(c)3, which is changing the culture of care with two simple words. Marcus holds a B.S. in sociology from Missouri State University (2000) and a M.S. in Narrative Medicine from Columbia University in New York City (2012.) He lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife, Marvelyne, and his Seeing Eye dog, Garrett. Marcus is, in his words, a social media junkie and loves to connect with health care professionals nationwide. All information on connecting can be discovered at www.MarcusEngel.com.